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How to Talk to Doctors Workshop

Shaun Kirk's "How to Talk to Doctors" Seminar & WorkshopJune 6-8, 2016 in Clearwater, Florida This&nbs...

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Learn How to Get Your Staff EARNING their Bonus!

Too often business owners put a bonus plan together for staff considering that it will motivate the staff to produce ...

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There are 6 Key Pillars to Success in Private Practice

Effective Promotion

Everyone wants more new patients but if you are failing in this area, you are failing overall. Handle this area first.

Schedule Book Control

There is tremendous amount of lost income at the front desk. This is the FIRST area to handle to stop the bleeding.

Case Management

Your clinicians can have full schedules yet their patients are self-regulating their care. Outcomes and profits suffer.

Effective Billing and Collections

Billing and collections are systematic actions yet there are 8 areas where poor managment of the metrics can lose you money. You need to know where to look.

Patient Referral to the Practice

Everyone tells us that they get patients who refer friends & family but they don't do anything actively to get them. What if you actually did something?

Productive and Efficient Staff

Hiring intelligently, placing the staff member in the right seat on the bus and training your staff to be productive is VITAL to the success of your practice.